Top 4 Home Remedies To Remove Water From ear

It goes without saying, that there are a few things more irritating than getting water in your ear. Not only is  it uncomfortable, water in your ear can impede your hearing and can cause other unpleasant sensations. Although swimming is often the cause, you can get water trapped in your ear from any exposure to water, including your regular showers. Usually, the water drains out on its own, but if it doesn’t, the trapped water may lead to more serious conditions, such as an ear infection. While you can find a plethora of devices and medicines for ear infections, there are a number of home remedies for ear infection as well as removing water from ears.


The most common mistake and frowned upon procedure, is shoving pointy objects into your ear to help alleviate the problem. Make sure you avoid inserting anything into the ear canal such as pens, cotton-tipped swabs among others. Doing so can severely damage the delicate lining of the ear canal and increase the risk of an ear infection. Here are some safe home remedies to remove water from the ear, and help prevent ear infections.

  1. Jiggle your earlobe– When it comes to removing water from your earlobe, make sure you gently tug or jiggle your earlobe while tilting your head in a downward motion toward your shoulder. In addition, you can also try shaking your head from side to side while staying in this position.


  1. Pop your ears– An effective way to remove water in your ears is by popping your ears. For popping your ears, you just simply need to plug your nose and then attempt to blow out of it. However, make sure you do it gently, as high pressure can rupture your eardrum.


  1. Use olive oil- An easy solution to remove water from your ear is to use a few drops of olive oil with an ear dropper, than clean up the mess after the water has left the ear canal.


  1. Yawn or chew– Another effective way for removing water from your ear is by yawning and chewing. Besides, when water gets stuck in your Eustachian tubes, moving your mouth can help to open the tubes.


While these were some of the home remedies to remove water from the ears, there are many other, such as using steam, alcohol and vinegar eardrops, applying a hot compress among many others. However, if at-home remedies for ear infection aren’t working and you are searching for an effective device and solution to remove water from your ears, visit acQuaMD. They offer a simple and easy-to-use wireless device that safely removes water from your ears. In addition, their device is engineered and designed to utilize ultrasonic vibration settings which are clinically tested to safely remove water trapped in the ear canal.