The acQuaMD is now available in U.S. markets and beyond


After a successful kickstarter campaign and the final stages of fine tuning, the acQuaMD is officially available for purchase.  You can now buy this device across the U.S. and shipping anywhere in the world costs only $10.00.

At acQuaMD, we’re happy to unveil this first of its kind device. Its an easy way to get water out of your ears and can help avoid the pain and hassle of ear infections, Swimmers Ear, Surfer’s Ear, and general discomfort that comes from having water trapped in your ears.

This product was born out of necessity, and built for water lovers everywhere.

An estimated 2.4 million people suffer from Swimmer’s Ear annually, and total expenses to treat it in the U.S. are over $500 million. Over 83 percent of kids experience an ear infection by age three, which is over three million children annually. Our device takes away that pain, hassle, and expenditure  and less than $45 per device.

Our inspiration for the acQuaMD is simple: we knew there had to be a better solution to remove trapped water from your ears.

Jumping up and down, tilting your head, and fighting with home remedies weren’t the solution. So we built a better one.

From first time swimming lesson takers, to varsity champion water polo players, to big wave surfers and deep sea divers, we want to keep you in the water, and keep the water out of your ears. The acQuaMD nibs are changeable, washable end pieces that make the device suitable for children and adults. That means with one device, your whole team or family can be free of ear ridden water, and enjoy the pool and ocean for longer.

​With the right tools at hand, we can build anything.

This device is exactly that; it’s a tool that will help kids and adults stay happy and healthy in the water. At acQuaMD, our goal is to keep water enthusiasts of all kinds in the water for longer. To learn more, keep in touch, or purchase your acQuaMD, connect with us on social media or visit our website today!