Everything You Need for Your Kid’s First Swim Class


Whether you’re taking your baby swimming for his first time, or your five year old is preparing for her first official swimming lesson, swimming lessons require preparation for parent and child. Making sure you have everything you need at the pool will ease your mind during this process. Few things will deter your kid from the water as much as sunburn, chlorine in their eyes, or an ear infection. For happy, healthy, water loving kids, here are a few must-have items when taking your kid to the pool.

A Good Pair of Goggles

Chlorine keeps the pool clean, but it’s hard on the eyes for kids and adults alike. Many kids also love to be able to see underwater and get to know the world beneath the surface. That’s why a good pair of goggles is crucial. From quick and simple goggles that won’t leak, to masks with fun designs and bright colors, there are many great kids goggles out there for a decent price.  

Sunscreen and Preventative Ear Care

Keeping your child happy and healthy in the water is crucial to cultivating a lifelong love of all things aquatic. A few easy ways to do this are applying ample sunscreen and taking preventative measures against ear infections. Making sure you have a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen, reapplying frequently and using rashguards and hats when your child is out of the water are some easy ways to prevent sunburn and skin damage. Additionally, young children are at high risk for Swimmers Ear and ear infection. Using a towel, home remedy, or water removal device to get water out of your kids’ ears after swimming are all easy ways to prevent your kid from getting ear-borne ailments.   

Snacks and Water

Most parents know the consequences of a hungry kid all too well, but when you’re taking your children to the pool and spending a lot of time in the sun, having snacks and ample water is especially important. Packing a few granola bars should do the trick, and making sure your kids have reusable water bottles are easy measures that will keep them happy and hydrated.

Towels and Warm Up Gear

Even if you’re in the sun all day, it’s easy for kids to get cold when making frequent trips in and out of the pool. Making sure your kids have towels and a dry change of clothes is crucial (and make sure you have one for yourself as well!). Ziploc bags for wet suits are also must haves to leave some water in the pool and not all over your car.

Swimming Diapers, Depending on Your Child’s Age

For young kids everywhere, swimming diapers are a great solutions. Available in both reusable and disposable options, there are a number of great models and brands for kid’s swimming diapers. They’ll help keep the pool clean and keep you and your kids happy.

A few bonus items

While not crucial, there are a few additional options that will keep your kids having a ton of fun in the pool. Decorative pool floaties and floating pool shades come in a number of shapes and sizes for kids of all ages. For kids who are a bit more advanced swimmers, things like Noodles, diving rings, and beginning snorkeling gear are all great options for kids to have a blast in the pool all summer.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com.