5 Must-Have Items in Your Bag During Swim Season


Whether you’re on the varsity swim team or the parent of a first-time swimmer, when you have a million things on your to do list, it can be easy to forget things en route to swim practice. From swimming caps, to goggles, to ear infection prevention and more, there are many things swimmers need during and after practice. This year when you’re packing your swim bag, make sure you have these items to make the most out of the season.

1. A Good Pair of Goggles

There are some products you can get away with buying the cheap model from the drugstore. For goggles, that’s not the case. A pair of goggles that fits well and doesn’t let any water in is a gem, so spending a few extra dollars to get a quality pair is a great long term investment. Speedo and Aqua Sphere are known to make high quality goggles, and there are many other great options out there as well.

2. Warm Up Gear and Towels

The last thing you want is to be pulled out halfway through the season with a fever or the flu. Having top notch warm up gear at the ready when you get out of the pool is an easy way to keep warm and make sure you don’t get a cold. This not only prevents sickness, but can also prevent muscle injury from your body not having adequate time to cool down or stretch after practice. Even when it’s warm in the summer, getting in and out of the water can make you susceptible to illness, so be sure to have adequate warm up gear with you after practice. Towels may seem obvious, but they’re easy to forget. Making sure you dry off well when exiting the pool is another easy way to prevent illness.

3. Preventative Ear Care

Swimmer’s Ear causes an estimated 2.4 million healthcare visits each year, and people who spend a lot of time in the water are the most susceptible. Swimmer’s Ear is caused by bacteria growing as a result of residual water in your ears, so the easiest way to prevent it is by removing water from your ears. How do you get water out of your ears? The acQuaMD is the best way to do this, as it safely uses vibrations to get water out of your ear canals. For top level competitive swimmers, it’s integral to avoid time out of the water as a result of Swimmer’s Ear, and for kids, it’s important to avoid painful ear infections and long term health consequences. Using the acQuaMD after leaving the pool to remove any residual water is a fast and easy way to keep your ears happy and healthy.     

4. A Water Bottle

If you’re an avid swimmer, you probably spend a ton of time in the water, but swimming won’t keep you hydrated. Dehydration can cause your swim performance to go down, as well as tiredness, dizziness, and even fainting. Carrying a water bottle with you at all times is an easy reminder to continue to drink water throughout the day. Insulated water bottles like Hydroflask and S’well will even keep your water cool while it sits in the hot sun on the side of the pool, so there’s no reason not to bring a reusable water bottle from home to stay hydrated.

5. Sun Protection

If you’re a parent, you probably don’t want your child coming home from swim practice looking like a lobster. If you’re on your high school swim team, you might not a your one-piece tan to go with your strapless prom dress. Either way, if you’re out in the sun all the time you have an increased risk for skin cancer, and it’s important to make sure you have adequate skin protection. Making sure you have at least SPF 15 sunscreen and a hat available are quick and easy solutions.

From experienced swimmers to kids just learning freestyle, it’s important to be prepared for practice. From keeping water out of your ears to prevent infection to applying ample sunscreen, having a well stocked swim bag is the best way to be prepared for practice. To learn more about acQuaMD or to order a device, visit acquamd.com today!

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.com.