5 Dive Spots to Put On Your Bucket List


With over 75 percent of the Earth covered in water, there are ample areas to explore beneath the ocean’s surface. If you’re an avid diver, you probably have a long list of deep sea destinations you’re hoping to experience one day. Whether you are an advanced diver or new to the sport, here are a few must-visit destinations for scuba divers.

Darwin’s Arch, Galapagos Islands

Darwin Island, located off the south coast of Darwin Island in the Galapagos, should be at the top of your bucket list. This iconic dive spot is remote, but the boat ride is well worth it; because this island is more isolated than many, you’ll have novel views of some incredible wildlife. From turtles, to hammer heads, to whale sharks and fish of all kinds, you’ll get to experience some novel deep sea wildlife at the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Night Dive With Manta Rays, Kona, Hawaii

While Hawaii is full of great dive spots, night diving with manta rays off the Big Island’s Kona coast is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Available for both snorkelers and certified scuba divers, these trips give you the chance to see manta rays in their natural habitat under the light of the moon.

Silfra, Iceland


If you don’t mind a little cold water, diving in Silfra, Iceland should be on your to-do list. This dive site enables divers to explore the divide between the North American and Eurasian continent. This is the only dive and snorkel spot in the world where you can swim in the crevice between two continental plates. This space also offers over 100 meters of visibility while driving, which will enable you to see far into the distance in any direction.

Komodo, Indonesia

While Bali gets most of the attention in terms of Indonesian scuba destinations, the archipelago of over a thousand islands has many places to explore beyond the tourist-ridden shores of Kuta Beach. Komodo Island, located in Central Indonesia is a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island is the home to not only the komodo dragon, but an area rich in marine life in the surrounding waters.

Tiputa Pass, French Polynesia

While many may travel to The Great Barrier Reef in Australia to explore the underwater wonders of the South Pacific, Tahiti, Samoa, and other Polynesian islands have a wealth of coral reefs and diving spots to enjoy. Tiputa Pass in French Polynesia is considered one of the best dive spots in the world. From rays, to dolphins, sharks and more, this divers paradise in the middle of the Pacific is well worth a visit.

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