4 Habits for Water Polo Players To Get Into Early In The Season


For some people, late winter means putting away the down jackets and shopping for a new Spring wardrobe. For others, its means accidentally-on-purpose forgetting those New Year’s Resolutions they set a month earlier. For many water polo players, the end of winter means something completely different: it means the beginning of a new season. With many weeks of conditioning, strength training, and tournaments ahead, it’s important to get into good habits early in the season. To make your way to the championship game this year, consider getting into these habits early in the season for long term success.

Get Into A Routine

When its sports season, routines are critical. For winter sports athletes, juggling early morning practices, extra training sessions, meetings, and everything else can seem nearly impossible. Having a routine will help you balance everything on your plate. Making enough time for practice, homework and sleep may seem like a pipe dream, but looking at your week ahead of time and making a schedule can help. Starting a routine where you go to bed at a reasonable hour, drink enough water, and eat healthy snacks throughout the day is a great start.  

Take Preemptive Measures To Maximize Time In The Water

You don’t want to be out for the season with a midseason injury or illness. That’s why taking preemptive measures to maximize your time in the water is another good habit to get into at the beginning of the season. The best method for helping prevent Swimmer’s Ear later in the season is by keeping your ears dry. How do you get water out of your ears? Using the acQuaMD device after practice to remove the water from your ears, or by drying your ears with a towel. Making sure you have appropriate warm up gear for when you get out of the pool to avoid catching colds is also very important. Finally, making sure you warm up and cool down before and after practice are easy steps that will help you stay strong and healthy in the long run.

Make Mental Health A Priority

Athletes make their physical health a priority, but few athletes check in on their mental health the same way they take ice baths or consult sports medicine doctors.  Between family, school, and being in the pool for hours everyday, it’s easy to get caught up in the shuffle and put mental health on the back burner. It’s important not to get so bogged down in everyday activities that you fall behind in school and sports. Taking a few minutes to relax everyday will be a great return on investment. Doing a five minute yoga routine in the morning, taking a few minutes to listen to music before going to bed, or doing a visualization before workouts are great ways to zero in on your mental health

Bond With Your Team

When water polo is in season, you might see your team members more than you see your family. You literally share blood, sweat and tears with these people, so you might as well give them a little love. If you’re the veteran on the team, reach out to the rookie, and if you’re the rookie soak up everything you can from your more experienced team members. Teams who communicate well, trust each other, and make team goals a priority perform the best. Making a point to cultivate your team from the beginning will set the tone for the season to come.

For rookie athletes and veterans alike, it’s important to form good habits early in the season. For water polo players and aquatic athletes of all kinds looking remove water in ears to avoid Swimmer’s Ear and other water-based ailments visit our website to learn more about acQuaMD today!

Featured image courtesy of Flickr.com, labelled for reuse.