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Water From Ears

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Why Choose acQuaMD?

After years of research, design, and development, we’re pleased to present you with acQuaMD, a state of the art, wireless device.

Safe To Use
acQuaMD has been engineered, certified, and clinically proven to be a safe, effective alternative to intrusive and uncomfortable doctor’s treatments for removing trapped water in the outer ear canal. The device works by way of vibration, which displaces the water and causes it to exit the ear canal safely.
Natural Method
The acQuaMD device doesn’t use any chemicals or invasive materials to get trapped water to leave the ear canal. Instead, two AA batteries power a gentle vibration that naturally extracts water safely and comfortably.
Great For Kids
acQuaMD is quick, gentle and natural, so it’s great for kids as well as adults! Each device comes with a medium and small Nib, and the small one is perfect for little kids’ ears.

Expert Reviews

Swimmers Daily

acQuaMD is a one of a kind product and there is nothing in the market like it. It has been engineered and designed to utilize low and high vibration settings which have been clinically tested to safely disperse water trapped in the ear canal.

Dr. Marianna Abrams

Great news for all aquatic activity lovers, acQuaMD is safe, easy to use and removes the water out of your ears. I recommend it to all my patients!

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Prevent Swimmer’s Ear & Infections

When water gets trapped in your ear, it can develop painful and harmful infections that then require more invasive methods of treatment. You can avoid these infections and the painful condition known as Swimmer’s Ear with acQuaMD, a simple, safe, easy-to-use household device for all ages! It’s great for surfers, scuba divers, swimmers, people with pools, and anyone who gets in the water.

Did You Know?

diagnosed cases of Swimmer’s Ear each year
dollars in yearly U.S. Swimmer’s Ear medical costs
dollars spent for U.S. ear infection treatment in 2006
of children experience an ear infection by age 3

acQuaMD helps prevent all of these

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